Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spill the Beans

This morning I was trying to find something that would entertain Noah for a while. I dumped a bunch of beans into a plastic container and gave him a few scoops and cups to play with.

He seemed to really enjoy it. He would fill a scoop, dump it into a cup, then dump them back in the container and start over. I scooped some with him for a while and then walked away to check my email for work. When I came back in a couple of minutes, this had happened.

I couldn't even be mad at him. It was my fault for leaving him alone. He got down on the floor and helped me pick up as much as we could, and then I vacuumed up the small pieces that had broken off. It took quite a while to clean up the mess and then bean time was over. Lesson learned: never leave a boy and his beans unattended.

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