Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fizzy Fun

I set up a little mini science experiment to show Noah how baking soda and vinegar react when mixed together. I had several containers of vinegar, and several spoons that each had a few drops of food coloring and some baking soda. Noah had a great time stirring the spoons into the vinegar and watching it erupt. Maybe at some point we'll have to try this on a larger scale.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Car Wash

Most days I can keep Noah busy while I get dinner ready with a big mixing bowl of water, some soap, and a straw so he can blow bubbles. Today, we also added some of his cars and a toothbrush for him to scrub them with. He enjoyed his little kitchen car wash and now his toys are clean. That's a win-win for Mommy.

Out of Context

While I was trying to take adorable one month old photos of Grayson like this one...

...this underwear-only sword fight was happening in the background.


Just another day at the Larkin house.