Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Little Train

I took Noah shopping with me one day, and one of our stops was Hobby Lobby. While I perused the wooden letters for artwork for his new baby brother's room, Noah spotted a little wooden train that he 'needed'. I let him hold it while we walked around the store with no intentions of buying it. He changed my mind for me when we got to the register and I told him he couldn't have it. (Sad puppy dog eyes can have a big effect on a mom...especially when the train only cost about $1.20).

So we took the train home and decided it needed a little paint. I let him pick four colors and we tied on his painting apron. He had so much fun painting his little train. With all the colors that were put on it, I think it's the happiest little train I've seen in a while.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We spent the Saturday before Easter with my parents. It was a gross, rainy day, so we were trapped inside all day. We still managed to have some fun. We hid eggs in the house for Noah to find. He was much more excited about them this year than he was last year. He ran around the house grabbing them all up and tossing them in his basket.

Then of course you have to open them all up to see what's inside. He had a few small cars, some candy, money, and several plastic frogs, lizards, and snakes that he was quite excited about. Next, Nana brought out his actual Easter basket. It was packed full of more toys and goodies for him to investigate.

He seemed to favor the water guns that were in there and couldn't wait to get outside to try them out. After a tasty lunch, the rain finally let up enough for us to get outside and let him try out the water guns and ride around in his Jeep.

Sunday morning, we had to see what the Easter bunny brought for Noah at home. Then it was time to get dressed and head to church. We had some time to kill between church and lunch at Taylor's brother's house, so we hit up a nearby playground. Noah had a great time playing and watching termites fly around.

We had another yummy lunch with Taylor's family, and then hid some eggs for Noah and his cousin Emsley to find. They had a great time. It was a full, busy weekend of fun and celebration with family.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bug Boy

Noah got a bug box in his Easter basket from Nana and Papa. Papa quickly helped him find two caterpillars outside to put in it. He was quite proud of his furry little friends.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

He's Squirmin'

While taking down trees in the back yard, Taylor and Noah found a worm snake. Noah was pretty excited to show it off.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Big Boy Bed

We finally got Noah's big boy room all ready so we can transition him out of his crib and make it ready for his little brother to arrive in May. I really love the way it turned out and he seems pretty excited about it, too. He was a little apprehensive about staying in there. The first couple of nights, he only stayed in there a little while before he wanted to go back to his old room. Then one night, he just stayed. Now he loves his new big boy room.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diggin' Up Trees

We recently dug up three small trees in our back yard to get rid of them. And when I say we, I mean Taylor. I didn't help at all. But Noah really wanted to help. So Taylor gave him a garden spade and he had a great time helping scoop dirt out from around the trees and moving it to Daddy's pile.

Apparently when the tree is gone, the hole it leaves behind is a great place to sit and look for worms and bugs.

As long as most of the dirt and all the worms and bugs stay outside and don't come in the house, I'm happy to let him play and get dirty.

Cracking Up

On one of Nana and Papa's recent visits, they let Noah color some eggs for Easter. The also found out how much Noah likes to crack and peel the eggs and then smash them. The colored quite a few and left them here, so we pulled some out and just let him crack them. He had a great time trying to get all the 'paper' off the eggs.

He says the yolk is the chicken. Clearly we still have a little bit to learn about eggs, but he gets the main point. They are great for cracking, peeling, and smashing. That's all he needs to know for now.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pensacola 2014

Last weekend we took a little mini vacation to Pensacola for some family time before baby number two arrives in May. We also wanted to visit Taylor's Dad and Grandmother while we were there. We drove down on Thursday evening and packed as much fun and family time as we could into the next four days.

On Friday, it poured rain all day, requiring a nice indoor activity. We headed for the National Naval Aviation Museum. It was a little crowded, but a lot of fun. Noah pointed out all the planes that looked like Dusty (from the Planes movie of course) and liked being able to touch and explore everything. I think his favorite things was sitting in the cockpits that they have available and pushing all the buttons and pulling all the levers. Maybe next time we'll get to go on a day when the Blue Angels are flying.

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed out to Fort Pickens. We explored all the ins and outs of the fort, sat on a few cannons, and tried out a cell that was used to hold prisoners. Noah was more adventurous than I expected. He casually walked down long dark hallways to try to discover what was at the end. Too bad there wasn't anything at the end, but he had fun anyway. He liked splashing in the puddles left by the previous day's rain and pointing out all the holes in the walls and the floor. That night we went with Grandpa and Great-Grandmother to one of our favorite restaurants in Pensacola, McGuire's Irish Pub.

Sunday, we got up and headed for the beach. It was a rather quick trip. It was incredibly windy and quite cold. So we headed to Grandpa's house, had some lunch, and went to play at a neighborhood park for a while to give the beach a little more time to warm up. We headed back in the afternoon with a little more success. It was still breezy and cool, but not too bad with pants and long sleeved shirts.

One of Noah's favorite things to do is ask (and by ask I mean order) someone to make sand fish for him with a little mold we have. He lets you make seven or eight of them and then stomps them all back to nothing. He thinks this is very funny. Taylor dug a nice big hole for them to play in with Noah's bulldozer and dump truck, and then we spent some time looking for sea shells. Noah would find a spot, squat down, and pick up all the shells he could reach to put in his bucket. He examined them all, then proceeded to throw them back into the ocean. I guess maybe he thought they needed to go back where they belonged.

We decided to check out the Gulf Breeze Zoo on Monday morning before heading back home. It was great. We saw lion, tigers, and bears (oh my). We saw a gigantic alligator, which Noah loved, lots of birds and monkeys, and lots of other animals. The highlights were the giraffes and budgies. You can buy a cup of food when you enter the zoo to feed the giraffes. I was personally very excited about this part of the trip. The giraffes reach down and lick the food right out of your hands with their long disgusting tongues. It's completely gross to see your hand covered in a thick layer of slime when they are finished, but it's also pretty amazing to be that close to them.

The budgies are in an enclosure like the one they have at Zoo Atlanta. You can buy little feed sticks for them and go in and walk around. There are so many of them flying around, and it seems they are more curious than hungry. Noah was still determined to get them to eat the food on his little stick. He kept following them around trying his best to attract their attention.

After being in there for a few minutes, the little guys got really curious about us and decided to come check us out. The first one to make contact landed on the diaper bag that Grandpa was carrying. He kept sticking his head in the outside pocket trying to see what was inside. Before we knew it, they were landing on our arms, shoulders, even our heads. None of them were biting at all, they were just exploring.

From the zoo, we headed back home. It was a great trip, but it was nice to be back home in our own beds.