Saturday, February 22, 2014

Edible Art

I recently found a website called It has lots of printables for crafts and learning activities for kids. A few of the printouts that I found are for use with dot markers or dot stickers. I found one of a peacock with the suggestion to use Fruit Loops for the dots. We didn't have Fruit Loops at home but we did have Fruity Cheerios. So we gave it a shot.

We started out by coloring the peacock. Then I added dots of glue and let Noah put on the cereal pieces.


Noah really had fun with this. I skipped around the page when doing my glue dots because I expected him to get bored with it. To my surprise, he enjoyed it enough to finish the whole thing. It was pretty cute when it was all filled in.

We did a second one later in the day with a dinosaur. At that point, Noah was for more interested in eating the cereal than putting it on the paper. But we did manage to finish it. I think this is an activity we will be repeating often in the future.

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