Tuesday, February 5, 2013


One night recently while I was trying to cook dinner, I heard Noah playing with something. He was sitting on the floor on the other side of the island, so I couldn't see him. I was only a couple minutes away from being finished with dinner, and I thought by the sound that I knew what he had in his hands. So I left him alone and checked on him when I was finished. He did not have what I thought he did. He had found a package of wipes that we keep in the kitchen and had managed to pull every last one that was left out of the package. At least he sat there sweetly and let me take his picture. 

He also escaped one day while I was changing clothes upstairs and made it to his bathroom. This is what I found.

He is truly a curious child and just wants to explore everything. I'm sure these will not be the only incriminating pictures I will take of him over the next few years. At least only paper products were harmed during the making of these photos.

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