Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Curious Colander

I've been trying to find some simple activities online to keep Noah busy during the day. I'm sure he gets bored playing with the same toys all the time, so I want to throw in some new activities from time to time to keep it interesting. Naturally, Pinterest is a gold mine for just this sort of thing. I call this activity The Curious Colander.

The idea is simple: take pipe cleaners and poke them through the holes in the colander. You can even bend them over to look like a rainbow with both ends going into different holes. I put a few in myself to give Noah the general idea. As it turns out, it's far more entertaining to yank them out and throw them over your shoulder than it is to put them in. So that's what this activity turned into. Me putting them in, Noah pulling them right back out. But hey, it did keep him occupied for a while. I think I'll call this one a success.

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