Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tech Savvy Tot

It's strange to think that when I was a toddler, cellular phones didn't even exist. If you wanted to chat with someone, you picked up the phone receiver that was attached to a cord and you sat in one place until you were finished with your conversation. You might have even used a rotary phone like the one that hung on the wall at my grandparents' house. But oh how times have changed.

Noah will probably never even see a phone with a cord. He is already quite fond of cell phones; a trait I'm hoping will change in the future. He is also quite fond of remotes, which is bad since we have three. If we leave one within reach, he grabs it, immediately points it at the television, starts pushing buttons, and waits for something to happen. I remember first being exposed to computers at school in about the third grade. Noah already loves to sit at ours and look at pictures of himself. We haven't yet entered the world of handheld games, but I'm sure we will find our way there eventually. It's amazing to think of just how different things will be for his generation. One thing he will have to learn: don't bite the cell phone. I know those telemarketers can be frustrating, but biting is not the answer.

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