Friday, August 30, 2013

Squirrel Feeder

I decided to try one of the easiest craft projects of all with Noah: a simple bird feeder made by spreading peanut butter on a toilet paper roll and rolling it in bird seed. I set it all up and let him help me cover the roll in bird seed.

Once it was all covered, we ran a thin ribbon through the tube and hung it from a tree in the backyard.

I did question how exactly the birds were supposed to get to it, but I figured we would give it a couple of days and then modify it somehow if needed. The next morning, I looked out the window and saw this guy enjoying a peanut butter bird seed breakfast.

He hung on like this for a while until he figured out how to pull the tube over toward the branch so he could eat more comfortably.  The little guy kept eating until he had pretty much cleaned the whole thing off. I guess we inadvertently made a squirrel feeder instead of a bird feeder. At least someone enjoyed it.

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