Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day, my mom suggested that she and my Dad treat us all to a trip to the zoo. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. Noah seems to really like animals and he's never been to the zoo. We were all really excited to see how much he would enjoy it. It was not quite what we expected. He got really excited about the first few animals that we saw and was sort of indifferent toward the rest. I think he was just frustrated that he couldn't touch the animals and didn't really understand why. A few things he did like:

The flamingos, which are the first thing you see when you come in. He always points out birds when he sees them outside. These are huge and pink, so they are even more exciting.

The elephants. He has learned what sound an elephant makes and he puts his arm up in the air beside his face to imitate an elephant's trunk. He did that as soon as he saw them.

Feeding the parakeets. Again, he really likes birds. It was like walking into the movie Rio for him. My parents bought him a little feeding stick that you hold out for the birds to nibble on. He really enjoyed watching the brightly colored bird nibble food off his little stick. He would have loved it more if he could grab the birds and hold them, but they don't really appreciate that.

What he did not like: the carousel.

We walked over toward it seemed as though he liked it. He pointed and roared at the tiger, so we headed for the tiger. As soon as I tried to put him on the tiger, he screamed and started to cry. He wanted no part of it. So we stood by the tiger for a while and finally moved to a rhino that was not moving. I climbed on it myself and held him in my lap. He seemed a little more okay with this option, but still not thrilled. After that, it was about time to head out for our picnic lunch. We grabbed a few pictures and a tiger truck from the gift shop (you heard me...a tiger truck) and headed to the parking lot. It was a great day.

Noah gave me flowers for Mother's Day, which Daddy planted for me in the front yard. I also got an adorable handmade card and photo magnet from Noah and his teachers at school. My mom gave me a cute Mommy and Me picture frame with a photo of me and Noah. And I got to spend most of the day outside with my sweet boy. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I am truly blessed.

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