Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fingerpaint Fail

The weather has been incredibly nice lately, so I thought I would take Noah outside to let him finger paint. It seemed like a good idea. Put on a crummy shirt, put a blanket down in the shade, and have a blast. There was only one problem; he did not have a blast.

He barely got any paint on the paper before he remembered that he doesn't really like to have anything on his hands. This is a child who loves to eat cheese puffs, but holds his hands out for you to wipe them off between each puff. So I wiped the paint off his hands, gave up on painting, and brought out the hose.

The hose is always a winner. I also gave him his orange bucket to play with. Apparently it's really exciting to spray water in your bucket, carry it three feet away from where you began, and dump it out on the ground. Or on your feet, if they happen to be in the way.

It's also really fun to turn the hose on Mommy and watch her dance around and make silly noises while you try to spray her feet.  My finger painting idea may have been a fail but the hose, as always, made for a fun afternoon.

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