Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sorting 101

I decided a couple of months ago that Noah was probably bored at home. He plays with the same toys and the same mom every day. That can get old after a while. So I perused the Internet trying to find ideas for activities for him. One that I found was a sorting box.

The idea is simple. Get a divided box and some brightly colored objects and help your child learn the fine art of sorting. I stuck with primary colors so as to not make things too difficult. But apparently, Noah is still a bit young for this activity. His goal is to collect all of one particular item (buttons, for example) and manage to hold them all in his tiny hand.

As far as putting things in the box, he gets two or three things in there and wants to immediately dump them out again. We'll keep trying, but I guess sorting may not actually happen for a couple more months.

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