Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pinterest Project: Christmas Ornaments

For any of you who are familiar with Pinterest, you understand the wealth of ideas that can be found there. Naturally at this time of year, a lot of the ideas have centered around holiday crafts and decor. I have pinned numerous ideas to try in the future, but there were a couple for ornaments that I wanted to try this year.

The first involved rolling strips of scrapbook paper around a pencil, then putting them inside a glass ball ornament (or plastic if you prefer). I added a little personalization and made one for Nana, one for Papa, and one for Grandpa.

The second was the traditional salt dough hand print. I did one with Noah's hand actually pressed into the dough, and the other with it just pressed onto the baked dough. Once they were painted, the hand prints stood out a lot more.

These were both so simple, I feel that we will definitely be repeating them in the future.

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