Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun in the Creek

We wanted Noah to have a really great day on his last day as an only child. So we grabbed some lunch and headed to a park. After lunch, we played on the playground for a little while, and then headed off down the trail to check out the creek. We found it, and found a good place to get down the bank and into it. We happened to have a spare shirt in our bag for Noah, but no extra pants. So what to do? Just go without them.

Noah didn't seem to mind at all. He went right into the water without thinking twice about it. He followed Taylor around exploring. He picked up rocks and threw them into the water. He tried to catch the tiny fish that swam past. And he had a blast playing in the oozy mud by the bank. He was quite gross when they finally came out of the water and had to be wiped down good before changing clothes and heading back to the car to pass out on the way home. I've never seen him enjoy the water quite as much as he did today. This is one day this mom will remember for a long time to come.

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