Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Campout that Wasn't

Taylor has really been wanting to take Noah camping. I'm a little fearful of how that might go, so he decided he would try it in the backyard first. Noah helped get the tent all set up. Then he didn't want to come out of it. No, really. He cried when we made him come back in the house.

Taylor even set up his hammock and spent some time in that. Not too much time thought. The strength of his chosen supports for the hammock was somewhat questionable. We didn't want anybody falling down when a tree branch decided it had had enough.

When it got dark, we got Noah all set in his pajamas and headed out to see if we could get him to go to sleep. It took some time for him to finally give in. He was very excited about being in the tent and really just wanted to play. When he was finally asleep, Taylor tucked in beside him for the night while I retreated to the comfort of our bed. I heard them come in around 12:30 and thought surely Noah had woken up crying and they had to come in. Noah was actually still completely asleep when they came in. Turns out Taylor heard some questionable noises coming from our neighbors' house and decided it might be best to come back inside. So things didn't exactly go according to plan, but it seems like Noah would have been just fine for the night. Maybe we'll try again soon and hope the neighbors cooperate this time.

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