Friday, October 11, 2013

Noah Goes to the Aquarium

One of the things we wanted to do with Noah for his birthday was take him to the aquarium. We ended up not being able to go until a few weeks after his birthday, but that's okay. We were really excited about taking him because we were sure he would love it. He has a movie about a shark that he's been crazy about recently, so we were sure the aquarium would be a huge hit. It turned out to be less exciting than we thought.

The big tank was by far his favorite thing. He pointed out the sharks and whales every time they went by. He seemed a little interested in the giant rays they have in there, and liked the brightly colored fish. I think he could have stayed in this room the entire time we were there and been happy.

The only other thing he seemed to really care about at all was trying to touch the small rays. I'm not sure he was quite tall enough to reach them over the side, but he sure tried to.

In the end, he decided what he really wanted to do was push his stroller around and eat crackers. So we headed to the car to go back home. It was a fun trip, even if he wasn't as excited as we thought he might be. Maybe he'll have more fun next time.

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