Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gettin' Out in October

Noah's second month has so far been one full of firsts.  As he has settled down a little bit and I've gotten more comfortable with him, we have ventured out a little more.  We took our first trip to Grandad's house on the 9th.  Noah met Lobo and Lola (shown below with Grandad at the beach last year), which made me a little bit nervous.  You may look at them, laugh to yourself, and wonder why I would be nervous.  Small though they might be, they are rather hyper dogs and I was scared they would jump all over him.  They just sniffed at him a little bit and that was pretty much it.  No harm done.

On the 12th I ventured out with him by myself to run a few errands.  I waited until it was time for his afternoon nap and raced out the door.  We got my oil changed and went to Babies R' Us, Petsmart, and Target.  He slept through it all and the trip was a success...despite the fact that I was a nervous wreck the entire time.

We went to Grandma and Grandaddy's house on the 13th for our first overnight visit.  Lots of family members came by to meet Noah for the first time, and he did very well with all the attention.  He smiled and cooed and wiggled around, and put on a good show for everyone who came by.  He even slept in Grandma and Grandaddy's room so that I got a little break.  My little cousin Landyn was especially adorable, asking if he could hold the baby.

My cousin Ashley asked the same thing, but it did not go so well.  

Overall it was a successful trip. 

The 23rd brought our first trip out with him to a restaurant.  We went to P.F. Chang's to meet Aaron and Kelly after they finished the 3 Day walk.  He fussed a little when we got there because he was hungry.  We quickly got a bottle ready and he was happy for the rest of the time we were there.  There was a pretty nasty code brown situation, but it was quickly dealt with by Daddy and a trip to the men's room.  

Time really does seem to be going by a little faster than it was a couple of weeks ago, and I know I will have many more firsts to write about soon.  After all, Noah's first Halloween is just around the corner.  I'm just glad these first few went well and that Noah, and my nerves, came out of them unscathed. 

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