Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Noah

Today, my little boy turns four. The last year has flown by and I can't believe we have already made it to this day. Noah is so smart, so sweet, and so funny. He started school this year and has done really well with it so far. He gets great comments from his teachers and it seems to be making him more outgoing. He's a great big brother to Grayson and helps his with toys and other things we wants to do. He keeps us laughing all the time with his goofy little songs and sayings or silly little dances. He's loving, and sweet, and can sill melt my heart. He's one amazing little boy.

We had a small birthday party for him here at the house. He was very excited to blow out the candle on his cake and this was the first year he didn't get upset when we sang happy birthday to him.

He had a blast playing with his cousins and visiting with family. He really liked all his gifts, especially his new dinosaurs, which he had picked out himself. It was a full day of fun with family and he was so worn out at the end of it. I'm so glad we got the chance to celebrate this spunky little four year old that I love with all my heart.

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