Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Day of Spray

I found a post online that had a list of things to buy at the dollar store and what to do with them. The list included all kinds of school supplies, bubble bath, small toys, shaving cream, pasta, and many other random items. I bought a few things and on this particular day, we decided to try out things you can spray.

The first item we tried was silly string. Yes, it makes a big mess, but I thought Noah might like it. Turns out he wasn't really strong enough to press the nozzle down to spray it, but he enjoyed watching me spray it all over him and the bushes.

The next thing we tried was a spray bottle filled with colored water. Noah really loves spray bottles and they are great for keeping him happy in his stroller when we go for walks. He ends up spraying water all over himself, which also helps cool him off on these hot summer days. So it's a win-win.

Noah enjoyed this one a lot more than the silly string. He went around the yard spraying everything that I would let him spray until we ran out of water. What the website did not warn me about is when your child inevitably sprays the water in the air above his head, his face will end up like this.
My ear looked much the same after he got the drop on me and blasted me. Luckily, it washes clean with a little soap and water.

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