Thursday, September 6, 2012

Noah Goes to the Beach

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to go to Pensacola, along with the rest of Taylor's family. We had been excited about this trip for quite a while because it would be Noah's first trip to the beach. He loves to play in water at home, but the ocean is something entirely different. It's enormous and intimidating. And sand can be hot and irritating. We were curious to see what the little man would think about it.

He made himself right at home. He plopped right down in the sand and played. His Nana bought him a cute little bucket and shovel, but he's still a little young to know what to do with it. He pretty much just banged on things, myself included, with the shovel. His $2 truck was a big hit, as was his rubber hippo. The only issue was sticking the sand-covered hippo, and his sand-covered hands, in his mouth. He did eat a little sand, but we I think we were able to keep it to a minimum.

He was, of course, fascinated by the birds on the beach. He was quick to point them out and wanted to chase them. He also seemed to enjoy being in the water, even though it was a little cold.

We tried to stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid getting any sunburn. We were joined for a while by cousin Emsley. He seemed a little curious about her and didn't quite know what she was doing there. But he just watched her calmly for a while and then went back to playing in the sand. We only had a couple of days there, but he really seemed to enjoy it. I would call our first trip to the beach a complete success.

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