Monday, April 9, 2012

7 Months Old

Noah turned seven months old yesterday.  New things this month:  clapping, shaking his head, rolling over, and his first tooth coming in.

Our little man finally started rolling over.  Front to back seems to be easy for him, but getting back over is tricky.  He gets his arm caught behind him and can't quite figure out what to do with it.  We've had to go flip him back over a couple times at night because he gets stuck and gets frustrated.  He's sitting up really well on his own now, and he still loves to walk.  He hasn't started crawling yet, but I imagine that's coming soon.  Then let the baby proofing begin.

He has lots of energy and loves to talk.  Now his talking includes a lot more sounds and seems more like he's actually trying to say something.  Once he starts moving and talking there's going to be no stopping him.  He loves to be outside watching airplanes with his Daddy, and he loves to be carried around by Poppa.  He wants to see everything and take it all in. 

He's still getting taller, but not getting much bigger.  The doctors say he's doing just fine, so we'll go with it.  He'll gain weight eventually.  Big or small, he's such an amazing baby.  I love to just hold him and snuggle with him in my lap because I know he won't let me do that forever.  The days are just going by too fast.  But we are having so much fun along the way.

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